Amarena Cherries in a jar 270 g

Amarena Cherries in a jar 270 g
Amarena cherries glass pot
Amarena Cherries in a jar 270 g

The Amarena Cherries  of "Maison du Fruit Confit" are candied black cherries bathed in a blueberry based syrup, in the pure italian tradition.

No need to get lost in some complicated recipe in order to enjoy the rich and sour flavour of this candied cherry. Simply cover your yoghurts and ice creams with syrup and dispose a few cherries for an original decoration.


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Glass jar with semi-candied cherries, baked in blueberry juice.

Weight: 270 r / Drained weight: 150 gr

Ingredients: cherries (Bigarreaux variety), glucose-fructose syrup, colouring: E163, flavour, blueberry juice concentrate, acidity regulator: E330. This product may contain cherry pits.

Amarena cherries are a quality gastronomic product from Italy. They are grown in the Bologna region, where they have been consumed for centuries. These candied cherries are recognisable by their dark red colour and sweet and sour flavour. They are also highly prized for their crunchy texture and beautiful presentation.

Amarena cherries are preserved in a sugar syrup, which gives them their beautiful dark red colour and sweet taste. This syrup is made from cane sugar, glucose and invert sugar syrup. It is also flavoured with vanilla and almond to give the cherries an even more pleasant taste.

The Amarena cherry is a highly prized product in the gastronomic world, which is why it won the 1st prize for Product of Excellence in Vaucluse in 2010. Chefs and pastry chefs use them to decorate their dishes and desserts, as they add a unique touch of colour and flavour. They are also ideal for accompanying cheeses, ice creams and sorbets, or for making cocktails and refreshing drinks.

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