Poppy Syrup 25cl

Poppy Syrup 25cl
Poppy Syrup 25cl
Poppy Syrup 25cl

Concentrated and flavoured syrup for drink preparation.

As a gift or for fine Gourmet.

Ideal in topping on ice balls. This poppy syrup is as original as it is gourmet, in cookies with poppy syrup and white chocolate chips.


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Poppy Syrup, recipe craft. Elegant flask of 25cl.

Ingredients: sugar, water, aroma, acidifier: citric acid, red food colouring

Nutritional information (per 100ml): Energy 350 Kcal / 1486 kJ; Fats <0.1g including saturated fatty acids 0g; Carbohydrates: 87.1g of which sugars 84g; Proteins <0.1g; Salt <0.01g.

Among all our artisanal products, the House of candied fruit offers you its range of syrups made in Mèze, a French commune located in the south of the Hérault department, in the Occitanie region. We offer you our poppy syrup in 25ml, sweet and fresh at the same time, ideal for your fresh cocktails with or without alcohol, for a pure comment of pleasure and tasting, alone or in family, The syrup in the current sense is a viscous and thick liquid, served lengthened by water in drink, often refreshing. The term comes from the Latin siropus, itself derived from the Arabic word [sharab] meaning (drink and) beverage. Common syrup is made by dissolving a large amount of sugar in water with or without added fruit or herbal sugar syrup, which is then boiled over a full fire before being filtered and bottled.
The syrup can also be used directly in more complex preparations such as ice cream. The viscosity is due to the numerous hydrogen bonds between the dissolved sugar molecules, which carry hydroxyl groups, and the water. In cooking, the concentration of a syrup is defined by pictorial terms (net, smooth, pearl, ball, etc.), depending on its appearance and consistency, and is measured in degrees Baumé. For example, when the temperature reaches 100°C, the syrup is at the cooking stage of the nappé, which corresponds to 20° Baumé. Then we move on to the petit filet, then the petit lissé (25° Baumé), the perlé, the grand lissé (30° Baumé), the filet (35° Baumé), etc. A light syrup is made with 250 g of sugar per litre of water, a concentrated syrup can be made up to weight for weight of sugar and water. To avoid crystallisation, simply add an acid (lemon juice, citric acid) and avoid splashing sugar on the walls of the cooking vessel. A sufficient concentration of sugar allows the preservation of the fruits or plants used to make the syrup; sterilisation is not necessary, as the sugar acts as a preservative1. Because of their very high sugar content, syrups deteriorate very little by microbial attack and can be kept for a long time. By osmosis, the water is drawn to the outside of the germs, which dries them out. In France, the product to be marketed is subject to 2 decrees: Decree No. 92-818 of 8 August 1992 and Decree No. 97-914 of 30 September 1997. In order to be given the name, the syrupy drink must obey a golden rule: it must be made from fruit juice with added sugar. A syrup can only be marketed if it complies strictly with the proportion of sugar imposed by the regulations. A citrus syrup contains at least 50% sugar (added sugar and fruit sugar) and at least 7% citrus juice. For other fruit syrups, the proportion of sugar rises to at least 55 % and that of fruit juice to at least 10 %. For syrups bearing the name of a seed

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