The feuillantine hazelnut spread is an irresistible treat that combines the sweetness of hazelnuts with a crunchy, flaky texture. It's made with finely ground hazelnuts, premium cocoa, and feuillantine chips that add a delicious crunch. This spread is a pure delight, perfect for spreading on toast or pancakes, or as an accompaniment to your favourite pastries.

The hazelnut and cocoa spread combines the intensity of the cocoa with the roundness of the hazelnuts, creating a harmonious, chocolaty flavour. It's the perfect accompaniment to your gourmet breakfasts or sweet snacks.

Finally, crème de calissons is a Provençal confection that combines the tenderness of calissons with a creamy texture. It embodies the richness of Provençal flavours in a delicate spread, ideal for enhancing your tasting moments. Each of these spreads adds a touch of sweet pleasure to your gourmet moments.

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