Christmas delicacies

Christmas treats are an invitation to the magic of the festive season. Filled with sweet, comforting flavours, they evoke warm memories and create new moments of sharing with family and friends. From finely wrapped chocolates and richly spiced Christmas biscuits to festive confectionery and traditional sweets, our Christmas treats are designed to brighten up your celebrations. Each bite evokes the joy of the season, love and togetherness. Given as gifts or placed on the festive table, our Christmas treats bring a sweet touch of enchantment to all the special moments of this enchanted time of year.

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The 13 Provençal desserts

"In the warm tradition of Provence, the 13 Christmas desserts occupy a special place, transforming Christmas Eve into a gourmet and symbolic celebration. Inspired by the 13 guests at the Last Supper, these delicacies are an ode to the richness of local flavours.

At the heart of this tasting, the 'Quatre Mendiants' - walnuts, dried figs, almonds and sultanas - symbolise the monastic orders. Nougats, whether black, with candied fruit, or white, with almonds and honey, add a sweet, delicate touch.

Fresh fruit, such as apples, pears, oranges and mandarins, evoke the generosity of the land of Provence. Dates, accompanied by dried fruit, offer an exotic sweetness.

Then it's time to savour the quince paste, a thick jam with the rich flavours of local quinces. Fougasse, a bread sweetened with olive oil, embodies the art of traditional baking.

Oreillettes, delicious doughnuts flavoured with orange blossom, and pumpa d'or, a shortbread crown with candied fruit, add a touch of fantasy to the table.

The gibassié, a sweet bread infused with the delicate flavour of orange blossom and spices, reveals the very essence of Provence.

The galette des rois, a tart with royal notes of frangipane or fruit, brings guests together around a much-loved tradition.

The calisson, a delicious lozenge made from almond paste and candied fruit, represents the culinary arts and crafts of Provence.

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