Extrosed candied orange peel strip 1kg

Extrosed candied orange peel strip 1kg
Extrosed candied orange peel strip 1kg
extrosed candied orange peel strip 1kg


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The House of candied fruit, a specialist in top-of-the-range confectionery, is offering a new delicacy that is sure to delight the taste buds of sweet tooths. This is the candied orange peel strip dextrose in a 1 kg tin, a sweet and sour confection that will take you to the heart of Provence.

The candied orange peel strip is made from fresh, candied orange peel delicately coated with dextrose. Dextrose is a simple sugar, also called glucose, which is obtained from corn starch. Unlike sucrose, dextrose is quickly absorbed by the body and is therefore ideal for people with high energy requirements.

Dextrose is often used in the food industry for its sweetening properties, but also for its nutritional qualities. It is in fact considered a carbohydrate, i.e. a source of carbohydrates, which is essential for the body to function properly. Dextrose is therefore used in the manufacture of energy drinks, cereal bars, pastries, etc.

In the case of the Fleurons d'Apt dextrose candied orange peel, the dextrose gives a slightly crunchy texture to the confectionery, while reinforcing the fruity flavour of the candied orange. The confectionery is thus both melting and crunchy in the mouth, offering an explosion of flavours with each bite.

The 1 kg tin allows you to enjoy this confection throughout the day, whether as a small sweet to nibble on between meals, or as an ingredient in desserts or home-made pastries.

In short, the 1 kg can of dextrose candied orange peel offered by Les Fleurons d'Apt is a top-of-the-range confectionery that combines the fruity flavour of candied orange with the crisp texture of dextrose. This confectionery will delight sweet tooths looking for new taste sensations, while providing a quick source of energy thanks to the dextrose. So don't hesitate any longer and let yourself be tempted by this typically Provençal delicacy!

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