Candied Fruits fromApt for World Food Tourism Day

Discover the delights of Provence!

Every year, April 18 is dedicated to World Gastronomy Tourism Day, a special opportunity to explore the unique culinary delights of different regions. In Provence, a renowned gastronomic destination, candied fruits from Apt have been captivating taste buds for centuries.

April 18, 2024 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Gastronomic know-how from the Luberon

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Luberon region, the town of Apt is renowned for its craftsmanship in making candied fruit. This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, when monks in local monasteries began candying seasonal fruits to preserve their freshness.

Fruits confits d'Apt are prepared by immersing fresh fruit in a sugar syrup, then cooking it slowly over low heat until it is impregnated with sweetness and retains its delicate texture. The most commonly candied fruits are cherries, oranges, lemons, melons and angelica, but the creativity of local artisans has also led to bold and innovative combinations.

A sweet touch for all your recipes

One of the most fascinating aspects of Apt candied fruits is their culinary versatility.

They can be enjoyed on their own as sweet treats, used as ingredients in a variety of sweet and savory recipes, or even as a garnish for gourmet dishes.

Their sweet flavor and fluffy texture make them an exquisite addition to traditional desserts such as cakes, tarts and ice creams.

A culinary icon of the Luberon region

In addition to their delicious taste, candied fruits are also appreciated for their cultural and historical value. They have become a culinary icon of the Luberon region, representing local gastronomic heritage and craftsmanship. Every bite of these sweet delights tells a story of tradition and passion handed down from generation to generation.

To celebrate World Food Tourism Day, dive into the world of flavors at the Maison du Fruit Confit in Apt. Discover the ancestral art of fruit confectionery and enjoy a captivating visit. Marvel at the artisanal process and enjoy tastings of these sweet delights. Soak up local history and culture through these emblematic Luberon sweets. Let this day be a celebration of Provencal gastronomy, heritage and authenticity!

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