Enhance your desserts with amarena cherries from La Maison du Fruit Confit, candied in a syrup inherited from a traditional Italian recipe.

Amarena cherries are ideal for spooning into cakes and desserts! In pastry, they are generally appreciated for the contrast of flavors they can create. These cherries can be eaten as they are, or used to create pies, cakes, cheesecakes, jams and more.

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March 6, 2024 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Amarena cherries: the perfect ingredient to enhance your desserts!

When it comes to patisserie, every ingredient has its part to play. Amarena cherries are one of the many fruits that can be used in desserts, with their intense flavour and versatility in the kitchen. Whether in a tart, a cake or a spoonable dessert, Amarena cherries add an exquisite, subtle touch to your sweet creations.

Native to Italy, the Amarena cherry is a variety of black cherry characterized by its small size and sweet-tart taste. It is often preserved in a sweet syrup, which further intensifies its flavor and mellow texture. It's this unique combination of flavors that makes it an ingredient of choice for patisserie.

A captivating contrast of flavors in your baked goods

Their natural sweetness is balanced by a slight acidity, adding depth to desserts. Whether used whole or pureed, these cherries can transform any ordinary recipe into a tasty masterpiece. The baking possibilities offered by Amarena cherries are endless.

They can be used to prepare a variety of desserts, from tarts and cakes to cheesecakes and jams. Their rich, complex flavor blends perfectly with a wide variety of ingredients, allowing pastry chefs to give free rein to their creativity.

When used to prepare pies, Amarena cherries add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the final presentation. Their dark, intense color creates a striking visual contrast with the golden pastry!

Cakes and cheesecakes are also enhanced by the addition of Amarena cherries. Their soft, juicy texture blends perfectly with the richness of the cakes, creating a harmony of flavors that will delight the most demanding palates. Whether incorporated into the batter or placed on top of the cake, these cherries add a touch of freshness and indulgence to every piece.

Amarena cherries are also ideal for preparing desserts by the spoonful, such as verrines or ice cream sundaes. Their intense flavor and velvety texture make them an ingredient of choice for creating layers of sweet pleasure in every spoonful. Combined with whipped cream, chocolate or other fruits, they can be used to create light, gourmet desserts.

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