Candied Orange Peels Cubes 1 Kg

Candied Orange Peels Cubes 1 Kg
Candied Orange Peels Cubes 1 Kg
Candied Orange Peels Cubes 1 Kg

The candied orange peels cubes of "Maison du Fruit Confit" are essential in traditional Provencal recipes such as candied fruit cakes, Aix en Provence Calissons and panetone.

They bring a rich fruity flavour to all dishes, whether they are savory or sweet.


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Ingredients: Orange peels; glucose-fructose syrup; acidity regulator: E330; preservatives: E220 (sulphites).

Nutritional information (for 100g): Energy 304 Kcal / 1270 kJ; Fat 0.20g of which saturated fatty acid 0.13; carbohydrates: 76.15g of which sugars 74.8g; fibers 1.60g; protein 1g; salt <0.1g.

Candied orange peel cubes are the perfect product to add a touch of tangy flavour to all your desserts. Made from fresh, high quality oranges, these peels are candied in a light syrup to retain all their natural flavour.
They are perfect for adding a touch of colour and flavour to your homemade cakes and cakes. You can use them to top a citrus cake, mix them into muffin batter, or add them to a frosting for a little extra flavour. The possibilities are endless!
You can also use these candied orange peel cubes to add a little flavour to your homemade yoghurt or ice cream. They add a touch of tart freshness to these desserts, making them even more delicious.

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