Honey lollipop IGP de Provence

Honey lollipop IGP de Provence
Honey lollipop IGP de Provence
Honey lollipop IGP de Provence

Go back to childhood for a moment with our artisanal lollipops from Provence.

Our lollipops are made with IGP honey from Provence. Made by a master confectioner, from a local and artisanal production, they will bring you sweetness and pleasure.


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Honey lollipop IGP de Provence artisanal

Energy: 1644kj / 100g, energy: 387kcal / 100g, fat: 0g (of which saturated fatty acids: 0g), carbohydrates: 97g / 100g (of which sugars: 64g / 100g), protein: 0g, salt 0g.

IGP de Provence honey lollipops: an artisanal delight to discover

La maison du fruit confit, an artisanal company located in the Vaucluse, is proud to offer its delicious IGP de Provence honey lollipops. Handmade with quality ingredients, this sweet is a real treat for the taste buds.

The honey used in the manufacture of these lollies is locally produced and benefits from the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of Provence, which guarantees its origin and quality. This certification ensures that the honey comes from bees gathering exclusively on flowers from the region and that it has been harvested and processed using traditional methods.

The IGP de Provence honey lollipop is an artisanal sweet made entirely by hand. It is made from a mixture of IGP de Provence honey, cane sugar and glucose syrup. The soft and melting texture of the lollipop is obtained thanks to a slow and meticulous cooking process which allows to keep all the flavours and qualities of the honey.

This lollipop will delight honey lovers with its soft and slightly sweet taste. It is perfect to accompany tea or coffee, or simply to satisfy a sweet tooth.

La maison du fruit confit is an artisanal company that values traditional know-how and the quality of local ingredients. Their commitment to local production and the preservation of traditional methods is reflected in the quality of their products.

The IGP de Provence honey lollipop is an authentic and tasty product, which will delight lovers of artisanal sweets. By offering this sweet to your loved ones, you will be introducing them to a quality product and supporting a local artisanal company.

In conclusion, the IGP honey lollipops from Provence from the Maison du Fruit Confit are a real artisanal delight to discover. Their artisanal production and the use of quality local ingredients guarantee a sweet and delicious taste. By offering these sweets to your loved ones, you are giving them a unique taste experience and supporting a local artisanal company.

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