Black fig jam from Provence 335g

Black fig jam from Provence 345g
Black fig jam from Provence 335g
Black fig jam from Provence 335g

Delicious jam from Provence, to spread on a slice of bread or to melt with a yoghurt


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Black fig jam from Provence - Glass jar of 335g.

Ingredients: figs, white cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice.Prepared with 75g of fruit per 100g of jam. "May contain traces of nuts".

Nutritional information (per 100g): Energy 271 Kcal / 1150 kJ; 0.1g fat including saturated fatty acid <0.1g; carbohydrates: 67g of which 65.1g sugars; 0.4g protein; salt <0.1g. Store in the refrigerator after opening.

What is jam?

Fig jam is a mixture of sugar and figs. Jam is made by reducing and candying the mixture in a bowl.

The jam can be used on toast, pancakes, yoghurt or fritters.

History of Jam :

History goes back to 73 AD, writings show recipes for preserving quinces in honey. Then during the crusades, sugar was introduced in Europe as well as jam. Nevertheless, in the Middle Ages, all confectionery cooked in sugar was called jam, including our candied fruit!

For a long time considered as a premium product, jam has become a pleasure product that can also be offered.

Fig Jam:

In addition to Fig Jam you can find a whole range of artisanal jams such as Cavaillon melon jam, Carpentras strawberry jam... Fig jam goes perfectly with foie gras.

Our jams are made in Provence in an artisanal way by an association of integration of handicapped people of which we are partners since more than 30 years.

Where to buy jam?

Don't hesitate to visit our website La Maison Du Fruit Confit to find the best Provençal sweets such as the famous Calisson d'Aix en Provence or the candied fruits we have been making since 1962.

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