Blueberry heart nuggets

Saletd Caramel and Butter Nuggets 10KG
Saletd Caramel and Butter Nuggets 10KG
Saletd Caramel and Butter Nuggets 10KG

A touch of originality to your cakes, ice creams, glasses and dishes, then go ahead and let creativity be the limit!

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Ingredients: Blueberry, glucose syrup - fructose, Dextrose, natural flavor, Citric acid E330.

Nutritional information (for 100g): Energy 340 Kcal / 1450 kJ; Fat <0.5g of which saturated fatty acid <0.3g; carbohydrates: 84g of which sugars 72g; fiber 5g; protein 1g; salt 0.1g, calcium 13mg. Store in a cool, dry place.

La Maison du Fruit Confit has been an expert in candied fruit for over 60 years. Located in Apt, in the south of France, the company specialises in the production of top-of-the-range candied fruit for pastry professionals.

Among the flagship products of the Maison du Fruit Confit are blueberry nuggets. Packaged in 10 kg boxes, these nuggets are perfect for making top-of-the-range desserts and pastries.

The blueberry nuggets from the Maison du Fruit Confit are obtained using a traditional confisage method which preserves the taste and texture of the fruit. The blueberry is picked when ripe and then dipped in a sugar syrup before being dried. This process preserves all the flavours of the blueberry and gives it a soft, melting texture.

Blueberry nuggets from the Maison du Fruit Confit are ideal for making desserts such as pies, crumbles, cakes and muffins. They bring a fruity and tangy note to all your pastry creations.

When you buy blueberry nuggets from La Maison du Fruit Confit, you are assured of working with top quality candied fruit. La Maison du Fruit Confit is committed to selecting the best fruits and to respecting an artisanal candying method to offer you exceptional products.

If you are a professional confectioner looking for quality candied fruit, do not hesitate to contact the Maison du Fruit Confit. The company offers a wide range of wholesale candied fruit to meet all your needs.

In conclusion, Maison du Fruit Confit's blueberry nuggets are a product of choice for professional confectioners looking for quality candied fruit. Thanks to their artisanal candying method and their know-how, the Maison du Fruit Confit guarantees you top-of-the-range blueberry nuggets to enhance all your pastry creations.

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