the cherry 700g

the cherry 700g
the cherry 700g

New basketry: the 700g cherry


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Discover our 700g Vannerie Gourmande: The Sweetness of Candied Fruits

Immerse yourself in a world of sweet flavours with our 700g basket. Made from an exquisite selection of candied fruits, including clementine, melon, pineapple, orange, pear, fig, apricot, plum, lemon, periwinkle and kiwi, it offers a variety of sweet delights in every bite.

Quality and freshness

Our candied fruit is carefully selected for its quality and freshness. Each piece is prepared with precision to preserve its authentic flavour. Our artisanal process guarantees a melt-in-the-mouth texture and an exceptional taste experience.

The Art of Packaging

Each basket is packaged with the same care we take when selecting our fruit. It is presented with elegance, making it the perfect gourmet gift for your loved ones.

A Delight to Share

This generous basket is ideal for sharing sweet moments with family and friends. With its variety of flavours, it adds a touch of sophistication to any occasion.


Our 700g basket, made with candied fruit such as clementine, melon, pineapple, orange, pear, fig, apricot, plum, lemon, periwinkle and kiwi, is an invitation to indulge. It offers a variety of sweet flavours in a neat package, perfect for treating yourself or as a gourmet gift.



When you open "La Cherry," you are immediately enveloped by the intoxicating aromas of candied fruit. Each bite is a taste experience that transports you to the sunny fields of Provence. The clementines add a touch of acidity and freshness, while the candied melon adds a delicate sweetness. Pineapple, orange and pear add tropical flavours and a touch of citrus.


But "La Cherry" doesn't stop there. This basketry is a celebration of the diversity of candied fruit, with a palette of flavours that evokes the seasons of Provence. Candied fig, apricot and plum add hints of summer fruit, while bigarreau adds a touch of tart cherry and kiwi a green freshness.


Each piece of fruit is carefully candied to preserve its natural flavour. The traditional candying technique is followed, ensuring that each bite retains the authentic taste of the local fruit. The process begins by immersing the fruit in a sugar syrup, then drying it slowly to preserve its texture and flavour.


"La Cherry" is much more than a simple candied fruit basket, it's an invitation to explore the delights of Provence through its unique flavours. This composition is the result of the passion and know-how of our artisan confectioners, using techniques handed down from generation to generation.


Whether you're a confectionery lover or an enthusiast of Provence, "La Cheery" is the ideal gift. This basketry is also perfect for adding a Provençal touch to your parties and celebrations. It goes perfectly with a glass of wine from the region, making every tasting a memorable experience.


La Cherry is much more than just a box of candied fruit. It's a celebration of the culture and tradition of Provence, a tribute to Gordes and all the region has to offer. Each bite is an invitation to a gustatory journey through the sun-drenched landscapes and authentic flavours of Provence. So, whether you want to give a unique gift or simply treat yourself, let "La Cherry" take you on an unforgettable culinary journey.

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