Strawberry lollipop

Strawberry lollipop
Strawberry lollipop

Go back to childhood for a moment with our artisanal lollipops from Provence.

Made by a master confectioner, from a local and artisanal production, they will bring you sweetness and pleasure.

Our lollipops are made in France and are committed to a natural and eco-responsible quality approach. The recipes are made with vegetable colourings such as radish, spirulina, sweet potato, lemon, etc. and natural flavours. Our wrapping films are 100% compostable and our wooden sticks come from sustainable forests.

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Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, citric acid, flavouring, colouring foodstuff: carrot and radish concentrate

Energy: 1644kj / 100g, energy: 387kcal / 100g, fat: 0g (of which saturated fatty acids: 0g), carbohydrates: 97g / 100g (of which sugars: 64g / 100g), protein: 0g, salt 0g.

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