Organic apricot fruit paste 170gr

Organic apricot fruit paste 170gr
Organic apricot fruit paste 170gr
Organic apricot fruit paste 170gr

Order this delicious organic fruit paste of Apricot.

Presented in the form of a pavement, it will seduce you


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170g pavement

Ingredients: sugar, Apricot fruit pulp 51%, wheat glucose syrup, jelling agent: pectins, acidity corrector: concentrated lemon juice, natural aroma of apricot. Issued from organic agriculture.

Nutritional information (per 100g): Energy 299 Kcal /1249 kJ; Fat <0.5g of which saturated fatty acid <0.1g; carbohydrates: 73g of which sugars 70g; <0.1g protein; salt 0.04g .

Store in a cool, dry place.

Fruit paste is a confection made from fruit cooked with sugar and possibly pectin. Cast in a mould or cut into squares or rectangles, it was originally a method of preserving the flesh of the fruit, hence the name "dry jam".

The invention of fruit jellies dates back to the 10th century. In the middle of the 15th century, the first mentions of fruit jellies were made. These were made around Clermont-Ferrand and are known in the West as "pâtes d'Auvergne".

The Auvergne region was one of the main fruit paste producing regions in France: manufacturers of Auvergne fruit pastes are obliged to use 67-100% pulp (minimum 2/3 of the pulp used), in accordance with the recipe registered for Auvergne fruit pastes in 1947 by the "Chambre syndicale des Confiseurs, Confituriers et Conserveurs de Fruits d'Auvergne" of that time. Today it has been supplanted by the Vaucluse, which has become the leading manufacturer.

There are many types of fruit jelly, the most common being quince, apricot, apple, citrus, plum, etc. For best quality, it is preferable that the fruit be fresh. It is the sugar that preserves the pureed fruit. During cooking, the mixture should thicken without caramelising. After two or three days of drying, it is removed from the mould or cut into different geometric shapes and rolled in granulated sugar.

La maison du fruit confit based in Apt presents its 170g organic apricot fruit paste.

In this range you will also find apricot, strawberry and quince in 400g and clementine, pear, strawberry, apricot and raspberry in 90g.

Whether in the shop or online, don't hesitate to go and order your fruit pastes.

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