Organic candied orange peel cube Bio 200g

Organic candied orange peel cube Bio...
Organic candied orange peel cube Bio...
Organic candied orange peel cube Bio...

The candied orange peels cubes of "la maison du fruit confit"  are essential in traditional Provencal recipes such as candied fruit cakes, Aix en Provence Calissons and panetone.

They bring a rich fruity flavour to all dishes, whether they are savory or sweet.


(€54.50 Kg)

VAT included


Ingredients: Organic orange peel; organic glucose syrup, organic cane sugar

Nutritional information (per 100g): Energy 314 Kcal /1332 kJ; Fat <0.5g of which saturated fatty acids <0.3g

carbohydrates 76g of which sugars 70g; dietary fibre 5g; protein 1g, salt 40mg, calcium 60mg.


In our organic range, La Maison Du Fruit Confit is proud to present its organic orange peel cubes for your cakes, desserts, yoghurt, or even for your sweet and savoury recipes. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, treat yourself at a low price with a range of small cups and let yourself be tempted to perfect your basket.

La Maison Du Fruit Confis has been there for you and your culinary pleasure for years.

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