Honey accacia 500g

Honey accacia 500g
Honey accacia 500g
Honey accacia 500g
Honey accacia 500g
Honey accacia 500g

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Honey of Bonnieux in Provence

Acacia honey is one of the best known and most appreciated hive products in the world. This monofloral honey is named after the tree from which it is collected. It is produced in France (in Burgundy), but more widely in Hungary.
Acacia honey can be recognised among other honeys by the following characteristics:
- Colour: clear, very pale yellow tending towards light green.
- Texture: more liquid than other honeys, which makes it a choice ingredient for cooks and pastry chefs.
- Smell: subtle, vanilla nuance mixed with that of the locust tree flower.
- Taste: smooth, sweet, without acidity or aftertaste.
- Aroma: very delicate, floral, slightly fruity.
Acacia honey is known to be very rich in fructose and glucose. It has a high content of minerals (iron, phosphorus, calcium, etc.) and vitamins. It also contains amino acids and its pollen content is quite low.
Beekeepers harvest Acacia honey just after the flower has bloomed, to be sure that the bees have been foraging for these particular flowers. Depending on the region, this is done between April and July.
Given its texture, Acacia honey keeps very well. This is, of course, provided that it is stored at room temperature, away from light.
Like thyme honey, Acacia honey is a product that is full of therapeutic virtues and presents little risk of allergies, given its low pollen content. Indeed, this honey :
- soothes and calms certain pains
- regulates intestinal function (constipation problems)
- stimulates the appetite
- strengthens the skeleton and helps growth
- stabilises gastric secretions
- combats respiratory system disorders, especially in children
- helps to detoxify the liver

Acacia honey is particularly beneficial to :
- babies and children
- mild diabetics: due to the low glucose content of Acacia honey
- athletes: this honey is an excellent natural energizer.

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