Calissons Recipe

Recette de calisson

The traditional recipe from Aix en Provence, made with almond and candied melons from Provence

For 10 people

Preparation: 15minutes

Waiting time: 25 minutes


  •    250g ground almonds
  •     180g icing sugar

  •     210g slices of yellow confit melon Fleurons d'APT

  •     70g candied orange peel cubes APT Fleurons

  •     25g cubes of candied lemon peel APT Fleurons

  •     1 tbsp bitter almond extract

  •     2 sheets of matzo paper

  •     1 egg white

  •     100g icing sugar


Cut the slice of melon into pieces
Put all the ingredients (except the egg white and 100g of icing sugar) in the bowl of a blender and mix 1 mn 30 to 2 mn gradually going up to the maximum speed; until you get an orange paste, not sticky but quite oily.
Lay the sheets of matzo paper on a board and spread the dough on it, about 1 cm thick.
Leave to dry for at least 2 hours.
Cut in the form of calisson
Prepare the royal icing by putting the egg white on the snow and add the sugar. Mix well and cover the calissons with this frosting.
Let dry overnight at room temperature.