What is the difference between candied fruit and glace candied fruit?

The "drained" candied fruit is usually used for pastries (cakes for example), incorporated into alcohol or coated with chocolate. The glace candied fruit is coated with powdered sugar, ready to consume directly like a gourmet product. The powdered sugar allows fruits to remain soft and to keep their aromatic properties in optimal conditions.

How to use the fruit nuggets?

Fruit Nuggets can be eaten like a snack or can be used as inclusions in cakes or muffins. You can use them as decoration for Ice Creams, cookies or desserts. They do not melt during cooking; they are bake-stable and remain soft.

What is the Candied Fruit Shelf life?

You can preserve candied fruits from 9 months up to 1 year and glace candied fruits 9 months. Keep candied fruits in a cool and dry space.

What are the candying principles?

Basically, the process consists in gradually replacing the water of the fruit by sugar (glucose or saccharose). The time of candying depends on the thickness of the fruit and its maturity. The confisage is always made in a craft way in steam rooms regulated at 60 °C. Fruits stay there about one week.
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