Berlingot of Carpentras with melon 100g

Berlingot of Carpentras with melon 100g
Berlingot of Carpentras with melon 100g
Berlingot of Carpentras with melon 100g

Discover our new product: the real Carpentras berlingot with melon


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Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, acidifier, colour: anthocyanins, curcumin, paprika: (food additives from plants).

Nutritional values per 100g: energy 1644kj/387kcal, fat: 0g of which saturated fatty acids: 0g, carbohydrates: 97g of which sugars: 64g, proteins: 0g, salt: 0g.

The Berlingot originates from Carpentras in the Vaucluse. It is a hard candy made of candied fruit syrup. It is shaped like a pyramid.

The history and fame of the Berlingot goes back to the time of the papacy in Avignon when a cook named Sylvestre democratised it. However, it was originally a medicinal product.

Later in the 60's, 5 confectioners made this famous Berlingot from Carpentras.

Currently 2 confectioners make Berlingots, one in Monteux and the other in Carpentras.


How is a Berlingot made?


There are 5 stages in the manufacturing process: cooking, stretching, mixing, cutting and placing on racks before packaging.

The Berlingot de Carpentras has the particularity of having several colours which indicate the taste of each Berlingot.


Where to buy Berlingot ?


You can buy Berlingots de Carpentras on our website La Maison Du Fruit Confit and in our shop in Apt. To access this reference you have to go to Gourmandises de Provence where a large choice of confectionery is offered to you. There is the Berlingot but also other sweets such as honey candy from Provence, rose candy, poppy candy & lavender candy

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