Candied Orange Peels Cubes 150 gr

Candied Orange Peels Cubes 150 gr
Candied Orange Peels Cubes 150 gr
Candied Orange Peels Cubes 150 gr

The candied orange peels cubes of "Maison du Fruit Confit" are essential in traditional Provencal recipes such as candied fruit cakes, Aix en Provence Calissons and panetone.

They bring a rich fruity flavour to all dishes, whether they are savory or sweet.


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Ingredients: Orange peel; glucose-fructose syrup; citric acid.

Nutritional information (per 100g): Energy 304 Kcal /1270 kJ; Fat 0.20g of which saturated fatty acids 0.13; Carbohydrates : 76.15g of which sugars 74.8g; Fibre 1.60g; Protein 1g; Salt < 0.1g.

Candied orange peel cubes are the perfect product to add a touch of tangy flavour to all your desserts. Made from fresh, high quality oranges, these peels are candied in a light syrup to retain all their natural flavour.

They are perfect for adding a touch of colour and flavour to your homemade cakes and cakes. You can use them to top a citrus cake, mix them into muffin batter, or add them to a frosting for a little extra flavour. The possibilities are endless!

You can also use these candied orange peel cubes to add a little flavour to your homemade yoghurt or ice cream. They add a touch of tart freshness to these desserts, making them even more delicious.

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