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  • Promotions

    Find our selection of current promotions to offer or have fun ...

  • Cases of glazed fruits

    Candied fruit frozen to taste without moderation! Panel of colors and flavors of Provence for the pleasure of taste.

  • Compositions of glazed fruits

    A beautiful basket of candied fruit glazed or an original and modern composition ... To each his style! "Les Fleurons d'Apt" is an expert in the art of fruit decoration! And these are works that are enjoyed without moderation!

  • Chocolate & fruits

    Orangettes, lemonades, chocolate ginger slides, chocolate candy with fruits ...

    Chocolate and fruit, the most refined of gourmet weddings.

    A very gourmet way to taste the candied fruits!

    A whole panel of gourmet boxes from Provence.

  • Biscuits of Provence

    A traditional range of Provence biscuits made in the heart of the "Lubéron" Natural Park. Find the flavors of old-fashioned almond biscuits.

  • Calissons of Aix en Provence

    The calisson is a traditional confectionery from Provence: based on confit melon paste of Apt, almonds of Provence and sugar, crushed together. The whole is covered with royal ice and placed on a bottom of unleavened bread.

  • Nougats

    Pleasure crackling nougat of Provence, rich in honey and almonds. It can also be garnished with candied fruits from Apt

  • Fruit Jellies

    Fruit pastes: a traditional confectionery for lovers of fruity flavors. Rich in vitamins, they are the boost of 100% nature, ideal for athletes.

  • Syrups - Artisanal recipes

    It's hot in the Provence sun! Quench your thirst with traditional syrups prepared at Apt in the Luberon, in the heart of Provence.

    Original perfumes, elegant bottle! A very "made in Provence" gift!

  • Jam and Honey

    Elaborated in the heart of the Natural Park of the Luberon, according to traditional recipes very rich in fruits, discover this range of artisan jams, with perfumes of Provence!

    Enjoy our honeys too.

  • Candied fruit for decoration

    Candied fruit in Provence, colorful and tasty, ideal for creating the sets for your windows, crowns of kings and other fruit cakes ...

  • Candied Fruits for bakery

    The biggest choice of candied fruits to use in your buns, cakes, crowns of kings, cakes, Viennese pastries, panettone ...

    Perfect also to accompany your dishes: a colorful touch and an incomparable flavor!

    Cubes, slivers, slices or whole fruits.

  • Amarena & Marasquino Cherries

    Unique recipes for tasty and crunchy cherries without alcohol.

    To use in decor or in pastry (for the black forests, clafoutis among others)

  • Candied Fruit Strips

    Slices of confit oranges, candied lemons: a very great classic in the range of candied fruits. Find the intense and acidic flavor of citrus fruits grown under the Mediterranean sun in candied orange and lemon slides.

    Make yourself your orangettes, citronnettes, coating them with chocolate. Ideal also to accompany poultry, ducks, fish, fruit salads ...

    Or to taste as it is!

  • Fruits Nuggets and Hearts

    Les Fleurons d'Apt offers you its unique and innovative fruit nuggets and hearts.

    Their intense flavors, their soft texture and ease of use are sources of creativity for all your recipes.

    Include in your pastries, chocolates, cookies, biscuits!

  • Fruits Coulis

    Fruits are cultivated on appropriate soils and picked when fully ripe.
    A natural recipe: just fruit and a few ounces of sugar.
    A smooth pasteurisation process to preserve the taste and colour of fruit.

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