An ancestral tradition

In the olden days, people used honey to keep fruit.

Candied fruits were therefore born, out of the necessity to preserve the freshness and taste of fruit.

It was thanks to the crusade that sugar was brought to Europe and candied fruit was born.

For many centuries, Apt was one of the main towns for confiserie.

This tradition in Apt of candied fruit remains today as the jewel of the crown in a world-known art.

 In 1365, the people of Apt offered candied fruits to Pope Urbain V, who was on a pilgrimage to the town and later in the 17th century, Madame De Sévigné, in a letter to her daughter Madame de Grignan, referred to the town of Apt as the jam cauldron.

In 1868, the Englishman, Matthew Wood, whilst on a trip, discovered this speciality from Apt, which later on enabled the opening of the British market. As a result, the 19th century made an impact far and wide.

Apt, world capital of candied fruits

With its 12 000 inhabitants, Apt is located at the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Luberon, and was able to let the world know about candied fruits; it was declared the world capital of candied fruits.

Our fruit trees are located at the heart of Provence, benefiting from fertile soils and many hours of sunlight. Our Factory of candied fruits is fortunately located right next to the fruit trees: a direct supply and a close relationship with the farmers, for optimal quality of our raw material.

Since the advent of confectionery, Apt has managed successive generations of Masters Confectioners whose ancestral knowledge perpétuâtes.

 APTUNION: A Factory that made candied fruits an absolute necessity

Aptunion was created in 1962 by a group of families specialised in confectionery in Apt who wanted to learn new methods and give their company an international exposure.

Today, fruits have become a passion and candied fruits an art. Aptunion has been able to combine tradition and modernity to adapt its production workshops to the 19th century requirements in leading specialists of candied fruits.

Le confisage: Striking the balance between nature and sugar

The Confisage is a delicate operation, which requires very specific skills.

« To candy a fruit» is to replace its water with sugar. Fresh fruits are submerged in hot syrup where the sugar strength increases in time. The sugar gradually replaces the water contained in the fruit for a period of 10 days. The techniques have developed over the time but the ancestral know-how remains the same.